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Geo Detecting Treasure Caches – GDT

Written by Bill Kawa.
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Mebane NC, 27302
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Gold Prospecting and Equipment

Written by Mike Pung.
P.O. Box 1126
Nicoma Park OK, 73066
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Gold Cube, Gold Banker, Gold Prospecting, Gold Mining, Gold Prospecting Equipment, Mini Highbanker, Gold Prospecting Kids

Metal Detectors and Equipment Sales

Written by Ed Huffman.
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Maryville, TN 37803
(865) 394 5200

Kids Metal Detectors, Metal Detector Equipment, Metal Detectors, Metal Detecting, Metal Detector Sales, Gold Prospecting Equipment

Parent of Two Loves Taking His Kids on Trips

As a parent of two there is nothing like spending time with your kids when I’m not working.

Lisa and Danny are 6 and 10, they love to go on trips long or short for camping, hiking, bicycling, treasure hunting like metal detecting, prospecting for gold, geocaching and more. Most of the time we spend traveling to local parks in Michigan, there is a huge variety to choose from and we try not to go back to the same one over and over but there is one we like the most – Pontiac Lake State Park is great because it’s close to home. Pontiac Lake State Park also has some great Geocaching to find which my kids love this hobby.

an image of parent and kid

Getting outdoors is what I like to do with my kids allot, I love to keep them active and learn to think about the trips we go on. One way I get my kids to stay in tune with our travels is to get them involved in finding treasure. We go Geocaching allot and recently started to use metal detectors where it’s permitted to do so. One time we went metal detecting to some old park that really had no name in our neighborhood, it was there when I was a kid and Lisa found a 1956 silver quarter, she couldn’t stop talking about it! Danny does okay to, but I think Lisa has the treasure hunting luck. I do okay with my metal detector, but its more about the kids and how they experience it, if their happy it makes me happy.

an image of outdoors camping trailer water

When you spend time with your kids in anyway it helps to have the same interest and common goals so everyone is happy, not all kids like to do what mine do, some kids like to stay indoors and play video games and watch TV, this is so unhealthy for them, I’m lucky mine love to get out and find treasures! I made my kids a treasure map one time to make it more interesting in our backyard, Lisa found the cache first.

an image of geocaching metal detecting gold treasure map

I think my next trip I might take my kids out west to go gold prospecting. My Daughter who’s more of the treasure enthusiasts compare to Danny, seen something about this on a TV show and talked me into taking a trip out west someday to try it out. Tell you the truth, I’m more excited about taking a trip to find some gold then they are, but I will not lead on to this, just keep it to myself. I will have to update you with our progress as I try to budget this in.

Thanks for reading my story; I hope you have kids who love to the adventures of the outdoors and spending time with them. Beats office cleaning any day.