Metal Detecting for Caches with My Son Robby!

I love to go out Geoaching with my son Robby who’s 7, now we go metal detecting too.

We live in a great historical town with lots of history Richmond Virginia. There is allot of Geocaches here and we loved to get out and find them on a regular basis. But recently we came across an old civil war battle ground and found a cannon ball in the creek. This took our treasure hunting experience to a new level and we starting to research getting a metal detector. I purchase a Garrett Ace 250 which seems to be a great starter detector. We share this machine on our hunts and have all the tools you need like digging tools, maps, pin pointer, treasure hip pouch and more.

picture of garrett ace 250 metal detector
Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Found Treasure

Our first trip metal detecting was the same place we were Geocaching and found the canon ball.

We set out to find more relic treasures now we had a metal detector. Seeing we still love to Geocache I told Robby that we could find some caches on the way, you never know we might stumble about some additional treasures while we were doing this. We found a nice Geocoin at one location and where going to move it forward as the rules set forth to do just this with Geocaching.

picture of a geocoin
Geocoin found Geocaching

Robby and I got done Geocaching and headed out to the place with the civil war relics with our Ace 250 Detector and accessories.

We got to the place and it was a nice cool spring day, put the bug replant on and headed out for our adventure. It was hard to not start detecting on the way, so I had Robby hold onto the machine but he also wanted to start to use it, so we shut it off until we got to our destination. You could spend your whole day detecting place before you get to your main spot, its addicting because there are treasures all over.

image of civil war bullet metal detecting
Found Civil War Bullet Virginia Metal Detecting

After about 2 hours we found some of the best treasure I have ever seen, three civil war bullets, 2 musket balls and 1 civil war clothing button.

How exciting and I could see my son really getting into it, he wouldn’t give me the metal detector back! I feel I would have to save some money and get another machine so we can both do it instead of sharing. Four hours went by and we found more civil war relics then I ever imaged, who would have thought that one treasure hunt (Geocaching) would have led to another.

I plan on getting another metal detecting on advance my skills in using it for future hunts, giving my son the Ace 250, maybe get the Ace 350 who knows.

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