Metal Detecting is For the Kids?

When you think about metal detecting as a hobby most people think of it as a kids hobby, but it’s also for adults.

I love to go out and metal detect and I recent had a kid that turn 3 Jacob and he love to go with me. I take Jacob with me on my hunts and he’s right there next to me helping me dig up treasure. Jacob just loves to find things in the ground and I recently got him a kid’s metal detector which he just loves.

Kids Metal Detector pitcure
National Geographic Metal Detector For Kids

Jacob and I went to this really old homestead last year with the permission from the owner, it was great because they also have kids and never metal detected before, and the owner’s kids loved it! The owner was very intrigued to the fact he got his kids out of the house, got some exercise and had a great time. We are always welcome to come back and treasure hunt anytime. Not only did I get permission to detect an old homestead but I meet some new friends. If you think about have your kid with you while metal detecting it just might help you get on some historical places you couldn’t before.

The times we go out and detect we don’t find much and my son gets bored some moments, so I will hide a treasure while he’s not looking and act like it was there beforehand, he just gets crazy running around about what he finds. Having this time with my son to be outdoors is so much fun even when he gets bored I still don’t mind. I just love to spend time metal detecting and the fact Jacob loves just being with me is the best experience any dad can have.

picture of metal detecting
Metal Detecting Treasure with My Son

Finding treasure is not always a priority for me, exploring historical places and teaching my kid all about the history to where we are going is really beneficial in so many ways. I’m like a history teacher if you think about it, taking my kid to a place that has a long history and teaching him all about it is better than the school books in some ways. If you can actually see the history up close and find its old treasure it keeps the enthusiasm going and the interest in learning just extends outward. Maybe teachers should do this and there pupils might learn faster, just my opinion. I never consider myself a teach, I do carpentry for a living and don’t think I could be a class room teaching, so this hobby has really help me become a teacher while my son learns from it.

So, take your kid out and try some metal detecting, there are so many advantages to it… :’)

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